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March 18, 2016

Our Guests

Soledad Soledad


Teacher & Performer

Soledad began dancing tango at 21 and, from the beginning, learned to dance both roles. She graduated from the Educational Tango Center of Buenos Aires (the Tango University) and among her early influential teachers were Rodolfo Dinzel, Olga Besio, and Juan Miguel Expósito.

Since 2004, Soledad has taught in various cultural centers and State community programs, teaching tango at public schools and public heath centers for seniors, young people, children, and women in situations of gender violence and domestic abuse. “Tango by and for Women,” a rare concept at the time, was one of her early collaborations.

She became an adjunct teacher at Espacio Tango Queer in Buenos Aires in 2008 and now teaches regularly at the Queer Tango Festival in Buenos Aires and the weekly milonga Tango Queer de Buenos Aires. She has performed at a variety of milongas in Buenos Aires such as Confiteria Ideal, Tango Queer, La Marshall, and Salon Canning. She has also participated in events sponsored by the Argentine National Congress and at other cultural venues.

Soledad is recognized throughout Buenos Aires, in traditional as well as queer settings, as a musical, creative dancer, one of the stunning female leaders of her generation.

In 2012, Soledad began teaching and performing internationally and quickly became a special guest teacher in cities all around the globe: San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Boston, Berlin and throughout Germany, Paris, St. Petersburg, and Zurich.

Her perspective of tango is that it is a paired dance with both partners contributing equally to the ensemble. This approach encourages the dancers to produce a balanced and more intense collaboration.

We are honored to welcome Soledad, in collaboration with Abrazo Queer Tango (SF Bay Area), Montreal Queer Tango (Montreal), Tango Tribe (Austin) and Philly Queer Tango (Philadelphia)

Walter Perez

Walter Perez


Walter Perez began dancing tango in his hometown of Buenos Aires in 1993. Walter has trained with renowned tango instructors such as Juan Carlos Copes, Graciela Gonzalez, Puppy Castello, Pepito Avellaneda, Efrain Ordonez, Jose Garofalo, Rodolfo Denzel, Osvaldo Zotto, Lorena Ermocida and Claudio Gonzalez. Walter has performed in Argentina both on stage and on television. He has toured Argentina and Uruguay with the show “Tangou” (A. Pachano).

In 2000, Walter moved to New York City, where he was featured in a national commercial for Caldwell Banker. He performed in different shows with several companies including “Let’s Speak Tango”, “All That Tango” & “Tango Flamenco Fusion” (Thalia theater productions), “Tango First Century” & “Spotlight on Tango” (Romartis Productions).

He created in 2010 “manoAmano” a tango company with which he performed at the 20th Annual Gala of “Latin Commission on AIDS” (Cipriano NYC), 6th Anniversary of “Cinemarosa” (Queens Museum) and “Bailando for uno cause” (Teatro del Barrio).
Walter Perez co-founded Malevaje with Leonardo Sardella in 2011. He also performed for the Mariella Franganillo Tango Company, and appeared in ‘Tango Connections’ in 2012 and in ‘Recuerdo Tango’ in 2013 & 2015.

In partnership with IATI (a nonprofit arts organization that promotes Latino heritage), in 2009, Walter successfully introduced free weekly tango lessons at the Central Brooklyn Public Library. In August 2013 Walter Perez became the Executive Director, of a Non for profit Organization, ”Friends of Argentine Tango” bringing tango programs to Schools and Senior Centers.

Leonardo Sardella

Leonardo Sardella

Performer & Co-host

Leonardo Sardella started dancing tango professionally in his hometown of Buenos Aires. He has trained with renowned tango instructors including Juan Carlos Copes, Rodolfo Dinzel, Osvaldo Zotto, Lorena Ermocida, Javier Rodriguez, Angel Coria, Jorge Firpo, Aurora Lubiz, Claudio Gonzalez, Maria & Carlos Rivarola and Cristina Cortez.

Leonardo has performed on the best stages in Argentina with several dance companies. He moved to New York City in 2011 when he co-founded Malevaje with Walter Perez. He currently teaches and performs at Dardo Galletto Studios in the heart of Times Square in New York City.

Leo is a principal dancer for the Mariella Franganillo Dance Company and appeared in its 2012 “Tango Connections” and 2013 “Recuerdo Tango” productions. He also appeared with “A puro Tango” (2014 U.S.Tour), a Tango world champions company.

Nancy Lavoie

Nancy Lavoie


Nancy Lavoie has a background in music but was seduced in her very first class by the wonderful expressiveness of Argentinian Tango. She travelled to Argentina to learn from teachers who had been there for the Golden Age of tango to better understand the history, the traditions and the language.

In 1995 she started the very first Tango school in Québec: l'Avenue Tango. She teaches there to this day and organizes special classes and workshops with teachers from Europe and Argentina. In 2001 she created the very first improv-tango team in Buenos Aires. In 2005 she, became a member of the collective Tango Discovery, a research in movement group based in Buenos Aires. In 2014 she founded the collective Tango Nomade with Yannick Allen-Vuillet. Together they also lead a new group dedicated to the 20 years of Tango in Québec: Tango Vintage.

Nancy is regularly invited to give workshops and shows in Berlin, San Fransisco, Buenos Aires, Rome, Stockholm, Hamburg, Zurich, Oslo, Paris.

Yannick Allen-Vuillet

Yannick Allen-Vuillet


Yannick started dancing the Tango at 17 and immediately fell in love with it's charm and expressiveness of it's language. From the beginning of his education he learned to master not only the role of the lead but also that of following. This gave him a deeper and richer understanding of Tango. He started to travel early for Tango, wanting to see new places and perfect his dance. Four years later he regularly teaches with his partner Nancy Lavoie, while also performing in numerous shows in Québec, Montreal, Porto, and Berlin, and also participated in the artistic direction of the TER Tango et Répiblica Tanguera Shows. Coming from a visual arts background, his mixed artistic sensibility informs all his creations.


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