Queer Tango Club


December 19, 2015

Our Guests

María José Sosa

María José Sosa


This professional Argentine Tango Instructor & DJ was born and raised in the province of Mendoza, Argentina. She started Tango dancing with professional teachers primarily in Mendoza and then traveled to Buenos Aires to learn with the best Tango instructors and renowned milongueros.

She organized milongas and tango workshops in Mendoza, and in 1998 she co-founded “El Farolito”, Tango Association to promote and diffuse consciously the legacy of Argentine Tango. Appeared in various TV programs, theatre pices etc.

At the beginning of 2001, she moved to New York to teach at various dance studios and milongas. In this city she has performed in different events, theatres, TV programs, and participate in differents events as a DJ.

At present time, she keeps herself busy offering comprehensive and detail-oriented private lessons, group lessons, special workshops; as well as organizing “Tango y Te Práctica” every Sunday at Stepping Out Studios. In parallel, through all these years María José has definitely earned an outstanding reputation as a leading Tango DJ, developing this craft assiduously for the NY’s most prominent milongas, including the illustrious “La Nacional”; not to speak of a number of prestigious Tango Festivals and Championships. Parcicipation in Lincoln Center’s Midsummer night Swings as a dancer and as a DJ. And organizer of the Woman Technique Tango Festival in NYC.


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