Queer Tango Club


May 20, 2017

Our Guests

Diego Blanco Diego Blanco

Diego Blanco

Diego Blanco is a highly acclaimed performer and choreographer who excels in Argentine tango. He graduated high school from Miami’s distinguished New World School of the Arts and continued his education at the University of Florida where he received his Bachelor’s degree with honors in the Performing Fine Arts under the direction of Daniel Lewis. Mr. Blanco has taught master classes and workshops internationally. He has studied modern dance and collaborated with Jennifer Muller on the choreography for “Passion Fruit,” which premiered at the Dicapo Opera Theater. Mr. Blanco has studied Argentine Tango with Osvaldo Zoto, Los Dinses, Diego di Falco, Carlos Perez and Jorge Nel.

Mr. Blanco was recently Dance captain for Mariella Franganillo Dance Company. He has performed at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, and Dance STL Spring to Dance Immersion Festival. He has performed with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra, the Romulo Larrea Tango Orchestra, the Washington Pan-American Symphony Orchestra, the Eternal Tango Quartet, Brunetti Trio, Giraudo Quartet and Avantango. Mr. Blanco recently completed the Dance St Louis 2015 Monsanto Dance Education Residency Program and was commissioned to choreograph a work for St. Louis’ Central VPA High Schools Performance in the Touhill Performing Arts Center's Spring to Dance 2015 season.

Jack Hanley

Jack Hanley


Jack Hanley was introduced to Argentine Tango in 1997 and was strongly influenced by Pablo Veron, Pablo Pugliese, and Puppi Castello. In the past six years his most important Tango studies have been with Sergio Segura, Anton Gazenbeek, Diego Di Falco, Annatina Luck, Junior Cervila, and Eddy Hernandez. Jack believes Tango is a joyful mystery; to experience its truth we must enjoy its endless secrets. As a DJ Jack strives for a fluid milonga experience, creating gentle transitions from high, rocky peaks to deep, soulful valleys. The DJ tells a story, and like any good story it should have a beginning, a middle, and a beautiful end.


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