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March 18, 2017

March 19, 2017

Our Guest

Jose Garofalo Jose Garofalo

Jose Garofalo


José Garófalo was born in 1964. Between 1979 and 1983 he attends to Guillermo Kuitca atelier.
In those same years he participates as a Performer in plays, speeches and street actions where dance and theater are key players in his creations.
In 1987 he started taking tango classes in Centro Cultural Rojas and in the same year he joined the Tango ballet of the University of Buenos Aires.
Since then he takes classes with Milongueros like Miguel Balmaceda and Nelly, Pupi Castello, Tete Rusconi and Maria, Carlos Gavito Gustavo Naveira, Rodolfo Dinzel and is part of several groups of choreographic research.
He also takes classes and choreographic training with Pedro Calveyra, Graciela Gonzalez, Marcela Trappe and stage with Emilio Garcia Wehbi .
Narrative or poetic, popular, figurative are some key approaches to his work that is part of the multidisciplinary and plural field of contemporary art.
He is currently President of the Civil Cambalache Association (since 2007) Directs the Cambalache Festival (since 2004). He works as a Tango teacher at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (Since 1998)
He participates in Troesmas research group dedicated to transmitting knowledge of teachers who are no longer milongueros.
He directs the CompaníaTragicomica Tanguera since 2011.
He is an Artist of Vasari Gallery since 2007.
He lives and works in Buenos Aires. Argentina


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