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January 21, 2017

January 22, 2017

Our Guest

Marc Vanzwoll Marc Vanzwoll

Marc Vanzwoll


Marc Vanzwoll has developed his approach to tango, which blends close connection and body awareness with individuality and balance by each partner, in San Francisco and Boston.

Since moving to the East Coast, he has been teaching in Boston and Cape Cod. This year he was honored to teach Intercambio at the NY Queer Tango Weekend and taught with Brigitta Winkler in performance seminars exploring expression, meaning, and emotion in tango at the International QueerTango Festival Berlin. While in Boston, Marc created and co-hosted “Letras de Tango”, focusing on the poetry and meaning of tango lyrics. He also co-authored and co-taught the workshops “Axis Awareness”, “Lady Leaders Workshop”, and “Men’s Following Technique”. Marc is passionate about Argentine Tango, and encourages everyone to participate.


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